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Wintry Horizon

It was an icy winter day, my parents handed

me to a stranger. We went on a train, to another land.

As I waved them goodbye, I didn’t know

I wouldn’t see them again, after that day.

I wouldn’t come home after school to my

mother’s honey and cinnamon cake, ever.

I wouldn’t be doing my homework at our

kitchen table listening to her singing

while cooking dinner. Nor would I smell

the herbal shampoo in her hair when she kissed me

goodnight. I would never see my father again,

reading his newspaper while smoking pipe.

In this other land, the house didn’t have the sweet smell

of pipe tobacco and no one was afraid. We went for walks

in the park every Sunday afternoon. We were happy and free!

But I can still see my parents becoming smaller and smaller

before they disappeared in the wintry horizon forever!

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The first lady on the right is my mother, with her sisters.

I have not been writing on my blog for a good few months and I would like to apologise to all my readers for the absence. Unfortunately, I have lost my mother this summer and have not had the courage to start writing until now. It was unexpected, my father has been fighting cancer for the last three years and his condition has been deteriorating, so we never expected my mother to go first. And honestly, I have begged God to not let her go first because he needed her. However, things are not always as we wish, sometimes God has other plans for us. I know she is in her deserved resting place and I have the comfort of knowing that she didn’t suffer. But I also know that I won’t be seeing her again nor hearing her voice again and I miss her terribly. The awful thing is that I haven’t started the grieving process yet and it hurts so much, I feel emotionally bloated and I am hoping that my writing will help to ease the pain.