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52 Poems – Week 6

This week’s prompt is to write about the weather. The first thing that came to my mind, was how hot the weather was when my mother died and how hard it was for me to cope with it. This is a still very much a work in progress.

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It was August 

It was the beginning of August

when my mother fell ill, rushed to hospital.

Not just any August,

this was a scorching summer in the Algarve.

Her weak heart quit two weeks later. Still,

the sun stayed stubbornly hot. How could

it be, when everything had changed?

The world would never be the same again,

yet the sun continued hot and shiny and bright

as usual, like she was still here to grill sardines,

for the family to enjoy after a day on the beach.

Like we could still go out for ice cream or gather

around for lazy afternoons around the table.

Why did the sky not show any sympathy

when my world collapsed? How could

there be any on joy on Earth?

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52 Poems – Week 5 – An animal

This week’s prompt was to observe an animal and write about it. I was in the garden when I read it and my dog was lying on the lawn next to me, so this is what came out:



Sometimes, I envy my dog. I envy

her ability to idle on the grass

without shame nor guilt. I envy

her knack for loving fully,

unconditionally, judgement free. I envy

that the mere prospect of a walk outside

excites her beyond the code of good manners.

I envy that the sight of any member of our family

throws her into a frantic celebration. Most of all,

I envy the gift of being so easily pleased.

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52 Poems – Week 4 – An invitation

This poem is about my mother who I lost almost 4 years ago and who I miss now more than ever. I have not cried a lot for my mother, because I don’t cry as much now and always struggled to cry in funerals or when people die, it’s a very strange feeling. But I suffer so much with the feeling of missing her and not being able to speak to her or hug her one more time. I’m constantly haunted by the fact that the last time I spoke with her I had no idea it would be the last time.

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An Invitation 

I’m inviting you over,

not because we’re in lockdown,

or because I can’t visit anyone,

or receive anyone. I’m not lonely.

I’m inviting you over

because I miss you terribly and

the thought of never seeing you again

hurts too much. My chest is so tight

it could be this disease, but I know

it isn’t. I know it’s the pain of missing you.

If you come to visit, I can hug you

one more time; but this time I will

hold you for longer.

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52 Poems – Week 3 – A Journey

This should have been week 2, but I got these two weeks mixed up, it doesn’t matter. The prompt was to write about a journey. So I thought about a journey in search of happiness, I thought about looking for what is already inside oneself. I’ve spent a lifetime looking for love, acceptance, reassurance, all in the wrong places because I was looking for these things outside myself. So I wrote about going on a journey looking for what you already have. Does this make sense? I hope so.

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Finding home

I set off on a journey, hunched

by a heavy baggage. The path

wasn’t smooth nor wide. Nor

was it certainly, without obstacles.

I trekked up and down hills,

mountains. Crossed over

bridges – short, long, straight,

winding, firm and wobbly. Often

I turned around, often

I stopped to rest, often

I looked back wishing

I had never left home.

I’d been on the road

far too long, longing for home.

But when I stopped looking back,

I learned that I had arrived already.


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52 Poems – Week 2 – Body

Here is my week 2 poem, this poem has had a few different versions already, but I’m still not sure this is the final one. It started as My Scars, followed by a version of mind versus body, then I remembered that I already wrote that poem; so I saved that version to go and edit the other poem. I also saved part of the scars, I might used it for another poem, who knows? In the end I decided to express gratitude to what I have put my body through over the years and for the fact that it never let me down. I don’t know if it comes across as I wish it would. Feedback welcomed, please!


In Praise of my Body

My body has always been there for me, but

I have not always been there for my body.

My body was there for me when I first discovered

the joys of walking and falling – getting up and

trying again. When I learned what comfort was, the sun

on my kin, the refreshing sea on a hot summer’s day,

sleeping in freshly washed bedding, resting.

My body was there for me, when I discovered love, the

excitement of another’s body against mine. Pure joy,

endless sensations kept in unforgettable memories.

My body was there for me at childbirth, when a life it created

exploded into its own existence. Miracle repeated, despite my

inability to take in the succession of life’s serendipities. It gave

me strength to carry on when I didn’t have the courage.

My body was there for me all through my long working life,

day after day, week, month, year, forever. Long shifts, adverse

conditions, sickness, accidents, successes, achievements.

Never letting me down, never letting me quit.

And how did I pay it back? With criticism, judgement, neglect.

Until I learned to love it, because I am one with my body!


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52 Poems – Week 1 – How to Tackle a Year

This January, which feels like it has been in another life, but was only just over four months ago, I decided to start writing a poem a week. I follow Jo Bell‘s 52 for prompts. This is my week one – How to tackle a year attempt, still a work in progress and feedback is very welcome. I stopped for a while as other things got in the way, but I am currently working on week 5. From today, I will post them here, hoping for some constructive feedback. Thanks for reading!

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Entering 2020 

Give 2019 a big hug before sending it home,

say thank you and wave goodbye until it’s out of sight!

Close the door behind you, roll up your sleeves,

tie your hair back, you’re going to get busy. Start

with a good declutter! Sort all your stuff in two piles –

‘to keep’ and ‘to go’. Make sure you pack

all insecurities and anxieties. Let go of fears

and frustrations. Don’t hold anything back.

In your ‘to keep’ pile you want determination,

motivation, lots of patience and resilience;

as well as joy, self-confidence and assurance.

But don’t forget to add a good blob of fun!

Only then will you be ready to tackle

the next twelve months. Sit down and enjoy!