About Me

This is me,  I am fifty years old. The big 50 has meant a lot to me, although I keep forgetting about it. I don’t feel old – most of the time – and everyone says that I don’t look fifty.


This year on my birthday, I had the most of my friends and family with me; some traveled from Portugal for my wedding the day before, so it was an extra special day. My daughter offered this cake, which she ordered for me in a shape of a book with the title of one of my poems “The Moment”, which I read in this year’s showcase at The Octagon. If I ever get published this will be the title and the design of the book.


Family is very important to me and here is a collage with my husband, parents, my children, my sisters, my nephew and nieces, and Kia, my baby the dog. These people are my world and mean everything to me.


She’s is the cutest! Love her so much!!!


In 2010, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and this has changed my life in a very deep way. I am still living with it, but I have a better understanding of the signs and symptoms and know that I have come a long way. Three years ago I decided to go to university to study English and Creative Writing in an impulse to pursue a life long dream. I have always loved books and words have always meant a lot to me.

Finally, this is where I drink loads of coffee and tea and where I write and sometimes just stare at the screen. I am a writer, with one published poem. Hopefully, I’ll continue to get better and touch others with my poetry.