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How to Write When You’re not Inspired – Part 1

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

                                                                                  Richard Bach


I used to think that I had to feel inspired to write before I could start. Consequently, I missed on important time practising my craft. This frame of mind resulted in all the great pieces I never wrote, the book of poems I never published, the play that could have been produced, the novel I could be about to finish.

Creative Notebook

It helps a lot to keep a creative notebook. Whenever an idea pop out, just write it down. If you hear a funny line somewhere, on a film, someone passing by, one of your kids, a friend, your wife, your husband, just write it down. A weird dream. Something in the news. You never know what brilliant and wonderful ideas might sprout from everyday mundane life. You can write it down, or you can cut a word, an article or even an image from a magazine and glue it to the pages. One day, it will pay off.

Don’t get too hung up on the word notebook, it could be a file on your smart phone, tablet or PC. I like notebooks, I keep a few, but recently I have started to use my smart phone, only because sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and I might not remember it in the morning. Plus, I don’t always have my notebooks with me when I hear something funny or interesting, whereas my phone is almost always on me.

Three Things Exercise

I have a notebook where I do this exercise and I try to do it everyday, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening, sometimes I start earlier and finish later. I like this exercise because it makes me aware of my five senses and it makes me look at the world in a more mindful way. It consists of a grid with six squares, one for each of the five traditional senses, plus one for a doodle. In each of the five senses I write 3 things I experienced on that day with that sense and in the last one I doodle something related to anything I write; a lot of the time it’s just a mug of coffee or a glass of wine, at least recently. Here’s an example of my pages:


This are my two first tips to help you write when you’re not inspired to write. I will be adding more next week. I hope these help and happy writing!


I can not decide if I am a teacher who writes or a writer who teaches, both activities give me equal satisfaction. Words are my secret place. I write about my experience as a mature student, mental health, living and raising a family in a foreign country, following my dreams and finding love later in life.

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