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Social Distancing – Week 6

UK Cases: 152, 840 – Recovered: ? – Death Toll: 20, 732

Portugal Cases: 23, 864 – Recovered: 1, 329 – Death Toll: 903

Worldwide Cases: 2, 982, 647 – Recovered: 875, 299 – Death Toll: 206, 342

It makes more sense now naming these entries after the week we’re in than the number of days, since this is day 42. Somehow week 6 makes it sound less apocalyptic.

On the world gone weird

Yes, the world is a little weird at the moment. And although the Coronavirus is in everyone’s minds and taking over the news around the world, I don’t think this is the worst thing going on in the world right now, or the weirdest, rather. In fact, the world was already weird before this virus started forcing people into action, in my opinion.

Firstly, the president of one of the most important nations in the world has suggested this week in his briefing at the White House, that making injections of disinfectant to treat the virus was a good idea, as the disinfectant kills the virus . The internet went crazy with it, big companies suppliers of cleaning products issued statements advising the public not to inject or consume their products in no circumstances. I could comment on it, but I don’t even know where to start. I have said in the past that he has the logic of a 5 year-old, but I feel that it’s not fair on 5 year-olds. As a result of the response caused by his comment, he’s now sulking like a spoilt child and decided he won’t be playing-daily-briefings anymore. What is really weird is that this president was elected in a free country, I mean a lot of people really believe that he is the right person to lead and represent their country. For real!

It’s also weird that most people can’t take joy in staying in the comfort of their own homes with all the gadgets and commodities available to most of us. It’s sad that so many people can’t take joy in their own company or the company of their families. In a world where most of us spend the time with our faces on a screen of some sort and most relationships are remote anyway, even when we are in the same house or same room even. I’ve seen groups of people in cafes, bars, restaurants with their gaze fixed on their phones rather instead of interacting with each other – I have been on of them. And now when we all have the chance to do exactly that all day without feeling guilty, we’re all complaining. So, suddenly everyone wants to talk to each other face to face? That’s weird, man! I could go on with this list, but I suppose I should leave something to moan about next week.

Mood changes

At the end of the previous week, I was starting to feel a little wobbly in my mood, but on Monday’s counselling session I was thankfully brought to reality and my mood was lifted. Then in the afternoon, I got a phone call of a dear friend who works at the hospital to say that she had tested positive and was recovering at home. She sounded very positive, but it was a bit worrying for me to see it so close to home and my first thought was if she could get it doing admin work, what about my sister in close contact with the patients. Reason showed me that the staff in contact with the patients wear much more protection than the admin workers. In the end, everyone is in the hands of God and that’s the truth.

The Artist’s Way

I started the ‘morning pages journal’ on Monday and have been doing it everyday since. I am loving doing it and have found it really liberating and helpful. This morning I finished week 1. I have written two poems, which I think the morning pages helped shaping, they still need some work, but at least it was a start. I have spend a lot of time in the garden Friday, Saturday and Sunday I am using that as my first ‘artist’s date’. It’s amazing how much of a workout gardening actually is. My muscles are tired, but my mind is very satisfied. I didn’t do the first week as it should be done, because I didn’t read the correspondent chapter of the book before I started, so now I have a couple of tasks I should have done and I will be catching up at the beginning of week 2.

Family Time

Week 6 was a good week for family time, we ate twice together at the table as a family and had a BBQ on Thursday again. Phil made the Creme Brule Cheesecake and Romina ordered a box from Roscoe’s Cakes. Sunday morning Phil made croissants for breakfast and Romina made another one of her delicious roast dinners for lunch. We played Uno and Monopoly this week as well as enjoyed time in the sun together. We’re still enjoying each other’s company, eating well and most importantly, we’re all still talking.


Apart from the The Artist’s Way, I’m still reading Normal People and I received two other poetry books, The Art of Falling by Kim Moore and Magnetic Field, The Marsden Poems by Simon Armitage. I bought these two books inspired by Ben Wilkinson in Poems for the Lockdown. I’m discovering a lot of new poems with these daily poems and also rediscovering others I had already come across but forgot about.

I have also listened to The Railway Children, by E. Nesbit, free audio book on BBC Sounds, it’s one of those classics I always wanted to read and it didn’t disappoint. I need to see if is there any others I would also like to read/listen.

So this was my week 6 in lockdown. Stay safe everyone!





I can not decide if I am a teacher who writes or a writer who teaches, both activities give me equal satisfaction. Words are my secret place. I write about my experience as a mature student, mental health, living and raising a family in a foreign country, following my dreams and finding love later in life.

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