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52 Poems – Week 1 – How to Tackle a Year

This January, which feels like it has been in another life, but was only just over four months ago, I decided to start writing a poem a week. I follow Jo Bell‘s 52 for prompts. This is my week one – How to tackle a year attempt, still a work in progress and feedback is very welcome. I stopped for a while as other things got in the way, but I am currently working on week 5. From today, I will post them here, hoping for some constructive feedback. Thanks for reading!

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Entering 2020 

Give 2019 a big hug before sending it home,

say thank you and wave goodbye until it’s out of sight!

Close the door behind you, roll up your sleeves,

tie your hair back, you’re going to get busy. Start

with a good declutter! Sort all your stuff in two piles –

‘to keep’ and ‘to go’. Make sure you pack

all insecurities and anxieties. Let go of fears

and frustrations. Don’t hold anything back.

In your ‘to keep’ pile you want determination,

motivation, lots of patience and resilience;

as well as joy, self-confidence and assurance.

But don’t forget to add a good blob of fun!

Only then will you be ready to tackle

the next twelve months. Sit down and enjoy!