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Social Distancing – Day 23

UK Cases: 55, 242 – Recovered: 135 – Death Toll: 6, 159

Portugal Cases: 12, 442 – Recovered: 184 – Death Toll: 345

Worldwide Cases: 1, 410, 095 – Recovered: 300, 739 – Death Toll: 81, 010

So yesterday we discovered another walk. I was in awe of all these places we have on our door step and never knew about. It made me feel so good to go for a different walk. It’s amazing how these little things have the power to lift our mood and make our day. I was walking like I’ve never seen the countryside before, just because we discovered a different field and a different farm. Never knew there were all these farms around us. Phil is really good at searching and finding all these places. It was almost an hour walk, so I didn’t do my home workout later on.

Just look at this blue sky. It was a glorious day, we could have been walking in Monchique in the Algarve. I’m sure we will continue with our walking and exploring hobby after this crisis. It’s such an uplifting habit, I don’t think I will ever feel too tired to walk again. It is something I really look forward to these days.

Creative Writing

So yesterday, I created a Facebook group for the creative writing and a lot of people joined, by the end of the day, I think there were about 15 members. I think this is going to be something really good to stay connected in the community and I feel really excited about it. To be honest this is something I thought of doing for a while, but never thought I’d get a good response, for some reason. Even before the lockdown and the Corona virus crisis. So, I’m really glad I did it now. I can’t wait to have it all up and running. And again this could be something to carry on doing afterwards.

New poem

Yesterday morning, I wrote a new poem. It was week, started working on it last week. the prompt was to write an invitation. When I started it, I thought about inviting hope or fun or something like that, but in the end was my mother I invited. It felt quite emotional. I still want to work on it a bit more, I might share it here later.

This is all for today. Stay safe and stay home!