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Social Distancing – Day 22

UK Cases: 51, 608 – Recovered: 135 – Death Toll: 5, 373

Portugal Cases: 11, 730 – Recovered: 140 – Death Toll: 311

Worldwide Cases: 1, 329, 899 – Recovered: 277, 640 – Death Toll: 73, 842

Day 22 was house cleaning day. I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘spring clean’, not to my standards, anyway. But it was a good clean and it felt so good! I rearranged¬† a few things and now it all looks better and the house smells lovely. It was that kind of cleaning. Most times when I clean, I don’t think it makes a massive difference because it’s mainly to maintain it. But, when you move furniture and rearrange this, it is more noticeable. I just love it!

Being the owner of my time

In the morning, I did my affirmations, gratitude journal, meditation and writing exercise. Before lunch we went for our walk and I did all the cleaning after lunch. It’s amazing how much more productive I am now that I am the owner of my own time. I have time for everything. This is my ideal life and I am counting my blessings every moment of each day.¬† Everyday, I see people complaining, on social media, about how bored they are and making jokes about how fat they’ll get because of all the food they’ll be eating out of boredom, etc. I’m the opposite. I have lost weight, because I’m much more active¬† now than before; and I don’t think about food because I am so involved in other projects. I am just doing what I love because I have the time I always craved. Why isn’t everyone? Don’t take me wrong, I’m not being judgmental, I understand that we all react to life’s events in different ways and I accept that some people might feel very anxious about the current world situation. I do feel it some times too. I really wish I could do more to help others.

Creative Writing online

Yesterday morning, I was just thinking, ‘what can I do to help others in lockdown?’ So, I posted a message on a Facebook group asking if anyone would like to join an online Creative Writing Group and I actually had quite a good response. So, this is my new project and something to be looking forward to and hopefully a way of helping others during these times. I feel very excited about it and can’t wait to start. Watch this space for more updates!

This is all for today, stay well and stay safe!