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Social Distancing – Days 20-21

UK Cases: 47, 806 – Recovered: 135 – Death Toll: 4, 934

Portugal Cases: 11, 278 – Recovered: 75 – Death Toll: 295

Worldwide Cases: 1, 258,091 – Recovered: 259, 629 – Death Toll: 68, 287

I’m writing two days in this post because yesterday we stayed in bed until a little later, then we went for a longer walk and when we came back lunch was almost ready, which my daughter cooked for us and I didn’t have time to write yesterday.

You may have noticed that I now include Portugal’s figures as well. I’ve been following the situation over there too as it is my country of birth and I have family and friends over there who I care and worry about. Saturday was my 18th anniversary of moving to the UK, so I thought it was a good symbolic occasion to start adding the numbers to my diary. The government over there started acting a lot sooner than over here, so hopefully the situation won’t get as bad as here. Portugal initiated lock down a week before the UK and have been doing a lot more testing. A lot of people have respected the lock down, but not everyone – like over here. In some things we, as a people, are very much alike. Either you like it or not.

Although the UK figures continue to increase, it seems that the number of hospital admissions has reduced, so that is good news and I hope it continues this way. Elsewhere, in Spain and Italy, the number of daily deaths has decreased. Thumbs up for that one too!

The Weekend

The weekend was great. We walked a lot and yesterday, I was knackered by the time we came back as did a 73 minutes walk. I was tired and my legs were hurting like they hadn’t for a long time, but it felt good. I felt so good that I was able to walk so much in one go and that I really pushed myself. It was great!

Saturday night, I made bitoque for dinner – a Portuguese dish consisting of steak, fried egg, chips and rice, sometimes we can have salad with it, but I didn’t make salad. This time was the first time I managed to get all the cooking timings right and everything was cooked at the same time, also because I marinated the steaks, it was delicious. For dessert, Phil made a rhubarb crumble with rhubarb from our garden – it was finger-licking-yummy-scrumptiously delightful. We all watched Avengers Assemble downstairs together, it was the first time in I don’t know how long that we watched a film all together, it was lovely.

Yesterday, Romina made us a roast dinner with chicken and vegetables and Phil made a black forest gateaux for dessert. Everything was to die for. I’d die happy if that was my last meal on Earth. So good! Of this meal, I have evidence:

After lunch, we played Monopoly again and this time, in a turn of events, it was my turn to win and Phil the first one to go bankrupt :-). Later on, I spoke with my mother- in-law from Portugal followed by a video call with my sisters, then Phil and I watched a Star Wars film while I worked a little more on my crochet blanket.

So, in conclusion, the weekend was a lot of walking, spoiled with food, some TV watching and great family moments.

Stay home stay safe!