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Social Distancing – Day 19

UK Cases: 38, 168 – Recovered: 135 – Death Toll: 3, 605

Worldwide Cases: 1, 039, 922 – Recovered: 220, 105 – Death Toll: 55, 170

Day 19 was good as usual. I started a new new morning routine with meditation and the ‘I remember…’ exercise before I start writing or studying. That’s good to help me focus and get the pen going. But most of the day yesterday I wasted trying to customise my new creative writing blog and failing miserably. I was about to quit, but I decided to try again after the weekend, just one more time.

Tesco Trip

So, I offered to collect a friend’s shopping from Tesco, so they won’t need to go out of the house. But, me being me, I got the dates mixed up and thought it was next Friday, instead of this Friday. Last night when I came out of the shower, I had a missed call from him, but thought he was just keeping in touch. However, after dinner, he called again and asked when were we going to drop the shopping. Learning that I got the wrong day, we run to Tesco as fast as we could – luckily it’s only 5 minutes from our house – but their slot was between 4 pm and 6 pm and this is 9 pm and I’m literally praying that Tesco still has their shopping there ready to be collected. Long story short, everyone from the security guard at the door, to the girl at the customer service desk, the girl at the door, the store manager, the guy at the click and collect door; everyone was so helpful to ensure I got the shopping last night. I was so impressed and these people don’t get enough credit for what their doing right now. I take my hat off to them everyday! So lovely John and Jen got their shopping in last night after all, we ended up getting a few bits for us as well and got back home on time for dessert and Masterchef. Like my mother used to say, ‘Never a dull moment!’

Bird Bath

Our birdbath in our garden has seen a lot of action lately, but this was the first time, I we saw pigeons in there: