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Social Distancing – Day 18

UK Cases: 33, 718 – Recovered: 135 – Death Toll: 2, 921

Worldwide Cases: 1, 018, 920 – Recovered: 213, 525 – Death Toll: 53, 292

So today, I decided to include the number of recovered cases and the total numbers worldwide in my diary entries. I’ve not included the recovered cases in the UK before because since I started tracking this, they have not changed, and so I didn’t want to focus on those. Last night, I was thinking that since this is a world crisis, it makes sense to include the the world’s numbers; and also because the total of people who have recovered worldwide is a lot higher than the death toll; so I thought it would bring a more positive note to these posts – around four times more people have recovered thanĀ  those who have died. Hopefully, we can start seeing the number of recoveries in the UK starting to increase soon. On the other hand, the lower number of recoveries might also be due to lack of testing; a lot more people might have been infected and recovered than we know because they have not been tested. Apparently, a lot more testing will be done by the end of the month, including all the NHS staff. We are still alarmingly behind with the number of tests being currently carried out:

Coronavirus: Health experts ‘frustrated’ by low UK virus testing

My First Rejection

This didn’t happen yesterday, it was the day before, but with the state I was in after my shopping trip, it only sunk in yesterday. I submitted three poems for this year’s edition of The Bolton Review and was rejected. I have only submitted work twice. The first time, I submitted two poems and one script and got one poem accepted, although I thought the other poem and the script were better. The second time, I submitted three poems and got two accepted, which I was chuffed about. I also previously submitted to the New Writing Showcase I got one poem accepted. So this time, it was my first rejection. I won’t let it defeat me, they say ‘you’re not a writer until you have a drawer full of rejection’. At least, it means that you are putting yourself out there. Now I can can I am a writer. What this did to me was made me decide to take writing more serious and start submitting more stuff to more publications. I don’t write more because a lot of the time, I think I’m not good enough and what’s the point; and the reason I don’t submit more is because I’m scared of the rejection, as if it is a confirmation that I am not good enough. Which is truth isn’t, people have different tastes, publications have a certain direction they take sometimes. I might submit something that isn’t right for a certain publication, but might be right for another, and I won’t know it until I start submitting.

I’m glad I did that class with Dani Shapiro on Skillshare, it gave me good ideas for writing prompts and made me more motivated to start writing routinely. My next step will be to look up publications and competitions to start entering. My project for next week is to print out all my writings and start organising them in a folder to start editing them all before looking to enter competitions and submit to publications.

You can see my poems in last year’s edition of The Bolton Review below:

Hungry Birds and I Carried a Watermelon


Games Night

Last night we had dinner at the table as a family and played Monopoly afterwards, I lost but it was great fun.

Monopoly night