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Social Distancing – Day 16

UK Cases: 25, 150 – Death Toll: 1, 789

My children told me off for writing down the numbers every day. They think it’s depressing and are concerned that it will depress me. It doesn’t depress me, I like to know; I think it gives me a sense of control, I don’t know why. But, last night my daughter said she got a shock when she learned that we are on 25 thousand already. So I think it is better to see the gradual growth every day, at least we know where we are. I’m not following the news as much now as I was last week, though. That I find depressing.

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Course Work

Finally, I returned to my course work after a few days. I’m writing my professional practice reflective posts, there are three; I finished the first one last week, yesterday I started the second one, which I hope to finish today. I wrote down the points I want to discuss, just need to add theory to back up my points and for reference. These first two are only 500 words each, the third one is 1500, that one is going to take a little more time, but I want to finish them all before the end of the week. I should have done this last year, to be honest, but I really struggled with time and with the course workload. I had plans to to them over the summer holidays, but then I moved house in August and was too busy with it. Sometimes, I think the time is just an excuse; we always find time when we have a deadline or when an emergency appears, so why not manage it better when we can? It’s a question I keep asking myself over and over. Funny thing, time!


On this day 16, I did a bit of writing. I started working on a new poem in the 52 poems a week challenge. This week, it’s an invitation. I’m not feeling it yet, it might not turn into anything, but I put down some ideas. Will continue working on it throughout the week and I hope something starts making sense; if not, it’s just the exercise for exercise’s sake.

I also started a writing class on Skillshare, I got an email offering a trial with two free months and I took it. It’s only a one hour class, but I thought I’d check it out. I’ve only been in the introduction, but will complete it today. Maybe because I didn’t feel too inspired with this week’s poem, I wanted to try something new.

I managed to activate my two new sites, but I still need to chose the design, I decided to do a little bit each day so I can also do other things.

Day 16 – conclusion

I also did some cleaning and laundry yesterday. Went for our usual walk, just over 35 minutes, plus I did my 20 minutes home workout. I cooked dinner last night, Phil has been doing more cooking than I lately, so I thought I’d give him a break. He was having his hair cut while I cooked, Lucas did Romina’s and Phil’s hair yesterday and he did a really good job, he should be proud. I’ll have him do mine soon.

I had two video calls yesterday, one from Leonardo in the morning and one from my sisters in the evening. It was lovely seeing them all, specially the children. It was a good day. The call in the evening got me thinking. How long is this going to last? The emotions are a bit mixed at the moment. One moment we’re all on the phone video chatting like it’s Christmas, because that’s when we normally would video call. Next minute it hits us that it’s not Christmas. I’m so determined to make the most of this, but it’s very surreal.

Stay safe, stay inside!