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Social Distancing – Day 15

UK Cases: 22, 141 – Death Toll: 1, 408

Yesterday, was marked with a higher number of cases increase, but lower deaths. It’s always positive to see less deaths than the previous day, even when the cases increase. The higher number of cases, I think, is due to more testing, which is a good thing as the more people are tested, the more realistic the situation is. It gives us some hope to see the death toll not going up as much as the day before, ‘is this the beginning of a trend?’, we can only hope.

My first two weeks balance

It’s been two weeks since I have been social distancing and to be honest I’m quite surprised at how well I’m dealing with it since the first three days I felt like I was in a limbo. The first day, I can only compare with the day when I got the news of my father’s death. I was still in bed when my son came into my bedroom and gave me the news; my sister had been trying to ring me, but I had my phone on silence. It was the 4th of January and we were still on Christmas holidays, I had a lot planned for the day as I was working on as assignment and catching up with course work. But although there was nothing I could do, apart from booking the flights to go to Portugal and email everyone to book time off, I just spent the day staring at the TV, on my pyjamas in a complete limbo. Why could I not just do what I had planned? Specially as this shouldn’t have come as a surprise since my father had been in the hospital for over a month and his condition had deteriorated dramatically in the previous two days. We were expecting the news and they should have come as a relief, both for his suffering and for our worries and sense of impotence. Still, I was numb and in shock for at least three days. And this is exactly how I felt for the first three days of my self isolation. But then I had an epiphany, now I have the time to do what I want and like doing as well as what I need doing.


For once in my life, I had a head start on something as I self-isolated before the schools closed and before the PM recommended social distancing and before the lock down was declared. Everyday since this all started I feel deeply grateful that I am able to do it without the stress of thinking how my bills are going to be paid. No one in my household is facing redundancy and the loss of income is minimal. My husband can work from home and I have many interests to keep me busy and my brain occupied. How long I will maintain my sanity despite all this, God knows. For now, I feel like I’m making the most of it. Yesterday, I had a phone counseling session, which was a surprise as I had assumed that it had been cancelled for now with the university being closed. It should have been a video session, but I didn’t see the email with the log in details on time to activate my session, so we did it over the phone. Although I feel that I’m doing well at the moment, it was good to have some reassurance. My next session will be on the 20th of April, after the Easter holidays. I might be needing it more by then…

I have put on some weight since last week, only 300 grams, I’m not surprised because of all the cakes and sandwiches we were eating at the beginning of the week after Romina brought them home when Costa closed. So 300 grams isn’t too bad, but as a result of that, instead of my usual 10 minutes workout, I am now doing a 20 minutes workout at home, hopefully it will help shed the extra weight. And we’re eating better now, as well.

Yesterday, I also finished the Mental wellbeing in children and young people course that I have been doing online. I had been doing one module a day, but yesterday I decided to do the last two modules to finish the course. I will do Overcoming loneliness next.

I also bought two new domains to start two new blogs, one for creative writing and the other one for English studies. I just hope that I can this time get the sites up and running without much stress. Will keep you posted.

Apart from that, I did two loads of laundry, dried it and folded it, went for my usual walk, made a phone call and watched TV, I didn’t do my crochet yesterday as I was folding the laundry instead.

So, this is all for today. Don’t forget to stay at home and stay safe!