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Social Distancing – Day 14

UK Cases: 19, 522 – Death Toll: 1, 228

How are you all keeping up? So, I decided it’s better to do these diary entries the following day, so I can give you a full overview of the day. Yesterday, I posted Saturday’s entry, which I started writing on Saturday, but got sidetracked by a friend’s phone call. So then I did a little editing and posted it in the morning. So, that’s what I will be doing from now on.

Sunday Routine

Walk 29 March 20

Because it was Sunday, I thought I’d have a different routine. The clocks went forward as well this weekend, so we stayed in bed until 11 am, which was actually 10 am with the old time. I never liked the time changes and there have been a few times when it messed with my schedules. Funnily enough, it never made me late, always early. Years ago, I went to Germany on the weekend it changes in the winter, and we were always early for everything thinking that the Germans were late, which really messed with our minds because this was a work related trip and working with a German company we knew how strict they were with time. For the whole weekend we were there, we did not manage to get our watches right once. Of course, this was a time before mobile phones and computers or electronic devices of some kind or other, started doing it for us. Yes, there was a time when we had to manually change the time on our watches. Crazy, isn’t it?

Back to my day, Phil brought us breakfast in bed and I read a little bit before getting up. Then we went for a longer walk, still in the area, but we went on a different route round Lostock and back. It was one hour walk and I was tired towards the end, but not out of breath. A few months ago, I would have struggled to complete this walk. So that’s a positive change and I am really pleased. When we came home from the walk, I decided to change into lounge clothes because it was Sunday and I normally would be in pyjamas all day, if I didn’t go out, so I thought it would be good to keep that normality for comfort.

New Social Dance

There were a few families out, a few couples and some people on their own. It was good to see how everyone is respecting social distancing around here; people cross over to the other side of the road or step aside, there was even a place where there were people walking in the middle of the road because there were families on either side, which worked because there were hardly any cars. I also noticed that most people we cross paths with smile and say ‘hello’. It’s like there’s this dance that everyone had to learn how to dance and which connects strangers by an invisible link, because we’re all in this together. It is a special time we’re living and not all is bad stuff. I really hope that when it’s all over, we still remember what really counts and still appreciate the little things we had and that kept us going. These walks are a part of my day that I’m really looking forward to and I hope I will never be ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’ in the future to go for a walk.

Afternoon of Games

Games 29 March 20

After lunch, we all sat down at the table and played some game quizzes, the four of us. We made popcorn and we had a good time together, it was fun and we had a some laughs. We all enjoyed it and we’ll do it again. It felt good to be doing something different. So many times I thought we should play more board games as a family to break the routine and connect in a different way. Usually, we spend too much time on our phones, even when we are together. We hardly interact with each other. We play games at Christmas or New Year when the family gets together, but I always thought we should do it more often. Now that we are all stuck in the house, we have time for it and I’m committed to make it happen. Hopefully, we’ll create an habit that we will continue afterwards.

After the games, Phil and I watched a film, Blade Runner 2049, not the best, but I was doing my crochet blanket while watching it, so I didn’t mind much. And this is all for today, please comment and let me know how you’re doing!

Stay home and stay safe!