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We Got Married – Finally!

Yes, we got married on 21 June 2017. It was a lovely ceremony and a fun reception, very intimate with just over fifty guests – only the people that matter to us was there. I wanted to get married on 22 June because that was my 50th birthday, but the hotel chosen for the reception was already booked up for that date, so I settled for the day before. At least I can say I got married before I turned 50 – at least that’s what my husband says.


It was a dream wedding because everyone had a good time, all the guests enjoyed themselves and that was everything we both wanted – that everyone had a party to remember. My bridesmaids looked gorgeous, the flower girls and page boys were a dream and the singer during the ceremony added a romantic and emotional tone.


My daughter and I planned everything, she did so much for this wedding – I don’t know if I will ever be able to pay her back for everything she has done. But it all worked out perfect. The venue was very good and the food was delicious, the cake wasn’t only delicious but also stunning, the DJ and photo booth were a real treat and my hair stayed up all night – yey! The flowers got a lot of praise, I designed and made my own bouquet and the bridesmaids’ too. I was a very successful handmade wedding. I am so happy! My friends and sister came from Portugal and it made it even more special. My husband and I could have not wished for a better wedding.


I have had some very hard times lately, but now I feel that this is the beginning of good things. Those of you who read previous posts know that I have been battling depression while dealing with feelings of loss and grief. Right now, I just need to gather my motivation and start taking action into creating the life I want to live. I have not been consistent with this blog so far, but that is about to change. Watch this space!