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I know you want to

help. But,

when I’m sad,

don’t try to make me laugh.

When I’m low,

don’t try to cheer me up.

When I look fed up,

don’t try to solve my


I don’t want solutions,

I want to be miserable

and cry my sorrows.

I want to feel my grief

pulling me down,

and the pain, all of it.

Yes, there’s a hole

on the sofa,

with the shape

of my bottom. And

yes, day time TV

can make you

want to cut

your wrists.

I don’t need a friend to

tell me that! And no,

I don’t want to go

to the cinema! No,

I don’t want to go

out for coffee.

By Anabela V.


I wrote this poem during depression. Sometimes you feel so miserable and you don’t want to feel any different. Your friends and family want to help, to cheer you up but you don’t want to be happy, you just want to feel the pain. Eventually you’ll come out of it, but that can’t be forced by no other than the self.



I am a student of English and Creative Writing. I am Portuguese but I have lived in the UK since 2002. Words are my magical place. I am a mother, have a day time job and a partner who is the love of my life.

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