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Wedding Planning

Just because you’re getting married, you don’t

have to turn into a moron. Rather than ranting

at your nearest and dearest, call efficiency girl

to the rescue – your budget won’t stretch. Over

the years, how you imagined it to be, you

might want to cut down a special treat. Yes,

completely natural to have your eyes set on

a special gown. Refuse to be influenced by the

multitude of beautiful things you see on Pinterest.

Choosing bridesmaids can be a minefield, how do

you approach the idea? Picture the scene: a

bohemian wedding? Current and decadent?

Gourmet food stations with a sense of theatre –

making the eating experience fun for your guests.

Celebrations going into the night, truly unforgettable.

By Anabela V.


I thought this was a good fun poem to start my collection here. This is a found poem, made up of collages from women and wedding magazines. It was my first found poem and I had lots of fun doing it, so it won’t be my last. This is something I will be experimenting with often in the future.