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Sharing my poetry

So I decided to start my blog today, this is something I have been thinking about for some time now, but there’s always something in the way…

However, today is as good a day as any other. What am I going to blog about? You might ask. I have started studying English and Creative Writing two years ago and a passion for poetry has reignited in me, quite surprisingly to be honest. I thought my time as a poet was confined to my teen years when hormones were running confused all over my being. I was wrong, there has always been a poet in me and I had no idea.

On this blog, I will be posting my own poems and welcoming any feedback that will help to make them better. Bearing in mind I am a student writing in my second language, I see positive criticism as an important part of my growth as a writer. But, if you feel touched by any poem I publish, I’d love to hear from you too.

I am passionate about poetry and I am determined to make it more popular, I have noticed that most people think that poetry has to rhyme and that it is very difficult to understand. I will try to change that perception with my own poetry and the poetry from other poets.