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Odd sock seeking soulmate


Pure cotton, soft feel, sky blue,

size 11, men’s, like new.

Well-travelled, familiar

with business environments.

Open to change – sports or

perhaps the outdoors.

If you’re out there, likewise lost

and bored on your own,

don’t be shy! Get in touch, even

if you’re silk, wool, nylon, other

colour or shade of blue.

I’m sick of being the only sock

left at the bottom of the basket.

I dream of slipping into shoes,

boots or trainers, feeling the leather

or whatever material, absorbing

the sweat and get smelly with another.

By Anabela V.


I’ve been intrigued by this mystery of odd socks for a long time. I mean, why is it that they only disappear one of each pair? And where do they end up? Who takes them? I’ve imagined all sorts of explanations over the years. This poem is me accepting the odd sock reality. Keep Calm and Wear Odd Socks. What can I say?!

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I know you want to

help. But,

when I’m sad,

don’t try to make me laugh.

When I’m low,

don’t try to cheer me up.

When I look fed up,

don’t try to solve my


I don’t want solutions,

I want to be miserable

and cry my sorrows.

I want to feel my grief

pulling me down,

and the pain, all of it.

Yes, there’s a hole

on the sofa,

with the shape

of my bottom. And

yes, day time TV

can make you

want to cut

your wrists.

I don’t need a friend to

tell me that! And no,

I don’t want to go

to the cinema! No,

I don’t want to go

out for coffee.

By Anabela V.


I wrote this poem during depression. Sometimes you feel so miserable and you don’t want to feel any different. Your friends and family want to help, to cheer you up but you don’t want to be happy, you just want to feel the pain. Eventually you’ll come out of it, but that can’t be forced by no other than the self.

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Wedding Planning

Just because you’re getting married, you don’t

have to turn into a moron. Rather than ranting

at your nearest and dearest, call efficiency girl

to the rescue – your budget won’t stretch. Over

the years, how you imagined it to be, you

might want to cut down a special treat. Yes,

completely natural to have your eyes set on

a special gown. Refuse to be influenced by the

multitude of beautiful things you see on Pinterest.

Choosing bridesmaids can be a minefield, how do

you approach the idea? Picture the scene: a

bohemian wedding? Current and decadent?

Gourmet food stations with a sense of theatre –

making the eating experience fun for your guests.

Celebrations going into the night, truly unforgettable.

By Anabela V.


I thought this was a good fun poem to start my collection here. This is a found poem, made up of collages from women and wedding magazines. It was my first found poem and I had lots of fun doing it, so it won’t be my last. This is something I will be experimenting with often in the future.

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Sharing my poetry

So I decided to start my blog today, this is something I have been thinking about for some time now, but there’s always something in the way…

However, today is as good a day as any other. What am I going to blog about? You might ask. I have started studying English and Creative Writing two years ago and a passion for poetry has reignited in me, quite surprisingly to be honest. I thought my time as a poet was confined to my teen years when hormones were running confused all over my being. I was wrong, there has always been a poet in me and I had no idea.

On this blog, I will be posting my own poems and welcoming any feedback that will help to make them better. Bearing in mind I am a student writing in my second language, I see positive criticism as an important part of my growth as a writer. But, if you feel touched by any poem I publish, I’d love to hear from you too.

I am passionate about poetry and I am determined to make it more popular, I have noticed that most people think that poetry has to rhyme and that it is very difficult to understand. I will try to change that perception with my own poetry and the poetry from other poets.